Warehouse & storage flooring

Flooring systems for warehouses & storage facilities

We provide high-quality industrial flooring for the warehouses, distribution centres, fulfilment centres and storage industries. This includes reactive sealers, joint details and demarcation as required.

Durable & resistant flooring for storage & distribution facilities

Concrete, although one of the most durable man-made building materials, is inherently porous, with a large number of air pockets. This means the material can break down over time unless a penetrating reactive sealer is applied to the surface, transforming it into a useable and resistant floor finish.

Silicate-based sealers, including lithium silicates, sodium silicates and fluorosilicates, have been used to improve the durability of concrete for decades, reducing porosity and increasing density to result in a surface that resists penetration of liquids, including oil and many chemicals.

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